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Welcome to Faustroll Books

We enjoy exploring the technology of early 20th century France in terms of its wider sociocultural context. Because we're determined to be an authoritative imprint, we are meticulous about the accuracy of what we publish, which is based wherever possible on verifiable primary sources.

If you have ideas in this area that merit publication, let's look at the possibilities of working together.

Our first three titles relate to different aspects of the life and work of the aviation pioneer, motor manufacturer and prolific designer, Gabriel Voisin.

My 1001 Cars

My 1010 Cars

The Right Flyer

The Right Flyer


Elise – The First Aviatrix

“This wonderful work is at last available in English. (…) Elegantly designed, sensitively translated and with photographs plus extensive captions, this impressive edition does its subject proud. Highly recommended”

- Mick Walsh, Classic & Sports Car

“The story of an unjustly neglected landmark in the history of technology, this is a complete account of the genesis and evolution of the Voisin aeroplane with which Henry Farman proved to a sceptical world that heavier-than-air flight was...”


“Using contemporary sources and photographs, this is first complete account of the short but glamorous life of Elise Deroche (or Baroness Raymonde de la Roche, as she styled herself)”


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